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So, I've decided I wanted to start putting myself out again publically. I do have another journal, but that one's strictly for friends. This one's a what's going on with me in a more open direction.

I'm kind of lacking in the friends department. ::laughs:: So, I figure letting people know who I am is a good first few steps.

Hi, I'm Westly. I'm an artist. I've currently got two places I upload my artwork, under two different names, one of those being an adult type thing, and the other...not so much. ::Grins::

All entries here are public, so you don't NEED to add me to your list if you don't want to.

See y'all around!

(Wow, I need to redo my moodicons...My art's gotten so much better since then!)

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Roanoke Drinking

And...we're back.

Going to be using this as a public journal from now on.

Feel free to add it, I'll be making every entry don't be too worried if I don't immedately friend you back!
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